What does it mean for you to retreat?


Respite. Quiet. Escape. Rest. What do you mean retreat? I found a break in the routine of both anti-aging in a relationship, and in the recovery.

Remember the day when Jesus fed the five thousand? Mark 6: 31-32 tells us that Jesus and his disciples were so busy that I did not have time to eat. They were in fact to find some solitude, when they were pushed into the crowd. But sympathy won the consolation, and they served the spiritual and physical needs of those who came to see Jesus. On this day, the Lord performed a miracle; Interestingly, his position was due to the fact that was not enough. With the hunger they gave food to those who come.

Do you feel exhausted? Maybe you have nothing left to give? Because of the weakness of your Jesus wants to nurture another. Do not rush to write in a journal. Pour feelings spilled on it, where you can look at them on the & # 39 objective. Ask God to show you where he would change his mind about the ministry. Write down what he is doing on your heart, and then look at the verses in your Bible correspondence to support these ideas. To share what you learn with someone else. If we keep these ideas about yourself, we hide God's light under a bush!

Remember that day we talked about earlier? Mark 6:45 says that after the disciples had gathered the remnants, once Jesus made them get into the boat and sail away. He knew how hard they worked. He knew how they were tired. And Jesus took care of them, dismissing them from work.

Are you tired? It is worth remembering that Jesus wants to take care of you? Do your part, zaplanavavshy vacation today. Take your Bible and read about a very busy day of Jesus in Mark 6. Learn what Jesus did after he sent the disciples to Bethsaida in Mark 6:46!