Adpustka scam – how to spot them


Again, your mother was right. In fact, she was right twice. One, nothing in life is free, and two, if it's too good to be true, it probably is the case.

One of the biggest and longest scam today – it's a scam to rest, where you or a loved one have reported that they had won a free holiday package or glamorous vacation on a cruise. If not exactly "free", these "agents" say they can get you that dream, at a price split. At this point you, like many other law-abiding citizens, begin to think, "What can go wrong?" Many can be seen.

Let's start with the obvious: a free holiday, you do not get. Of course, there are rare packages from reputable travel agents, which may be free, but err on the side of caution. The most common scam of travel and holidays include the following:

An experienced travel agency scam – you called and told that you get a free vacation package, but you have to pay for the "fee" to reserve the opportunity. Then after you pay these fees, "travel agency" can no longer be found. Their telephone line has been disconnected, and you can not get your money back. Another variation of this scam tells you that you have been ordered in a luxurious trip to rest very well, but it's only for a "limited time." Then you are asked to pay a "fee for booking" immediately (and it is usually a large amount) to ensure your slot. It was only after the payment of "travel agent" informs that the date of vacation or unavailable in some time to answer, that the proposal has "ended". Then the "agent" and disappears with your money.

Plane tickets Free- Here they call you and say that you have won the two aircraft to wonderful places such as the Bahamas. They do not say that you need to book a hotel and buy food in the company which distributed the tickets. If you stop and do the math before you accept the offer "free ticket", you can easily calculate that the amount of food and accommodation is easy to cover the cost of air tickets, because the prices were so high.

'Free holiday' – you are flying down to Hawaii or Mexico, ready to start your holiday, but you learn that you have booked in a small and dirty hostel with bad food. If you leave, they tell you that you will void the return ticket. So you can either stay in your bad hotel, or pay a terribly inflated fee to get out of it, so you can sleep in a decent hotel.

Temporary scam – you are given a free vacation, but before you appeal, you need to go through the presentation Seller temporary use. Sometimes you do not even talk about a mandatory lecture of work before you get to your destination. Often, to get tickets for food and live, people were forced to go on the lecture and as a result was forced to sign contracts, which also & # 39 are a fraud. In some cases where the vacationers are trying to leave, they are subject to harassment and other unfair tactics on the part of these sales agents.

Scam "Become a travel agent" – Someone will tell you that you had better be a travel agent, because you will save you a lot of money in the long run. As they say in the travel agency, you get a lot of discounts and free games during the holidays. This is what you have to pay them a "fee" to become an instant travel agents, and if you do it, you realize that you can not take advantage of discounts, because your credentials are not recognized by any travel agencies.

Fraudulent card with furloughed vacation – you pay for the holiday card, thinking that it will make your vacation a little cheaper, but then you realize that on the map there are so many restrictions that you can not get a discount for which you are eligible. Otherwise, if you get a discount, it is simply removed "special price" and still comes down to the very same price paid by everyone else.

Protect yourself from these fraudulent travel following bowel instinct and skepticism. Do not be afraid to say "no" and to assert itself as the "agents" are insistent. Never give your credit card number over the phone in the name of "reserve" your slot. If they give you a time limit, say that you need to think about it; time rush usually & # 39 is a sign of fraud. Before you accept the package, go the distance – check hotels, airlines, etc. – and make sure that they work with this action on the prices at which the agent says they are. Buy tickets and packages only in these agencies, in person if possible and remember, suggestions for phone calls or spam mail is more likely.