7 tips to improve your photos recreation


A family vacation or a romantic getaway with candy – the time that you need to remember. Holding digital camera – it's only one way to make your memories. Whether you're shooting digital photography Leaning Tower of Pisa or the Caribbean, you want to make sure that your photos are on vacation the best.

1] Plan your trip in photos

o explore a variety of books with photos of places where you will be traveling, and decide which photos you want to use to create your memories. Then, choose the best time of day for these pictures – and the sunset and sunrise offer the most flattering light.

2.] Select unwanted backgrounds

Nice try o get as many picture – just make sure the other buildings do not deprive people of integrity of your photos.

3.] Use a people, to show scale

o What looks dramatically in the face, may not look as soon as the photo will be framed. Use the people in the foreground, or to the side to show perspective and create a more dramatic effect.

4.] Capture color

o Bright colors make your photos stand out. Always be ready to take a picture of bright sailboats or brightly colored homes on the Caribbean National Forest, or landscape.

5] Change your perspective

o Do not be afraid to bend down or lie down, to make a more interesting picture with a digital camera. These frames are more dramatic and may return the funny memories of the trip with a different perspective.

6] Adjust the light

o Avoid harsh shadows on the beach, taking on cloudy days, in the shade, either at sunrise or sunset. You can also use a flash when taking pictures in sunlight to reduce the strong shadows on the face or other objects in the frame.

7] Bring a camera for a trip

o Be sure to catch all the action and relive time entertainment theme park, photographed on the swings, roller coaster or review. But be careful: if you do not have a paper belt for the camera, now is the time to buy it!

Enter your gorgeous photos on vacation in the frame or in a notebook, which stores your favorite memories for years to come. But know this, that in carrying out these tips and others will be jealous of not only your rest, but also your photographic skills!