Pattaya: Rest for a happy family time

You can hear some people mention that Pattaya – earth, not in family tourism. However, this is just a rumor, when in fact the place is filled with fantastic opportunities for kids!

So grab your journal and plan a family holiday in Pattaya, Thailand, which offers a comprehensive experience for the perfect holiday.

And to make your planning much smoother, so you pick up a list of several countless exciting attractions available to family entertainment. Holidays in Pattaya is probably the best pleasure you can give your children this summer!

Ramayana waterpark

It is not only the largest water park in the whole of South Asia, but much more than just an ordinary water park. Try some of the best water rides, wave pools, dedicated children's areas, a cruise on the river, waterfalls and so on. In order to plan a trip are available at this fun water park in Pattaya, many companies offer a variety of programs that they can be adapted to suit your needs.

Dolphin World Pattaya

Come and kiss one of the charming trained dolphins that are available for display and entertainment. And what plans after the show? Despite the fact that the park is called the "dolphin world," he still offers a variety of activities for everyone. You feel exhausted? Embark on a spa holiday, drink a coffee or fill the appetite of fresh steak, while your children are aware climbing, ATV, horseback riding, and exciting attractions.

Teddy bear museum (Pattaya)

Your kids are obsessed with dolls? Bring them to this fascinating museum, which provides a fabulous reality, a paradise for lovers of teddy bear!

Examine 12 different zones created so beautiful; children never want to leave.

This museum, designed specifically for photos, with & # 39 is ideal for the self to you and your family & # 39; and! And if you wish to own one of these adorable soft toys; have a shop of teddy bears, bears serving all sizes and shapes!

Farm sheep Pattaya

Boa boa black sheep and white sheep, they have a lot of hair, so full of bags, and your children also love them. Let the kids enjoy the children's poems in real life. Jumping on a horse for sightseeing farmland, get more farm animals grazing around and immerse yourself in some exotic dishes available in the unique agricultural park.

Harbor Land Pattaya

Harbor land is known as a family paradise. Why? Firstly, this mega-mall has the largest indoor playground in Asia, which each gripping amusement park you can name. From high jumps on a trampoline, artificial rocks, raising the water to the rink, young children, the area dedicated to fantastic games, the list does not seem to end! Do you want your children to learn while playing? The Harbour Learn and Play is waiting for the best short courses in cooking, working with clay, English, dance and gymnastic halls.

For you? Get ready for the International Garden food and try all the exotic flavors of different cuisines.

Illusion tuxedo Pattaya

A magical evening for children from the day's activities around Pattaya. Grab some popcorn and sit back while the magic tricks performed by professionals, add illusory effects and sound that make your children admire! Enjoy their reactions and curiosity that will create memories that you carry along with you.

Pattaya is full of enormous amusement parks, shopping malls and other tourist destinations, which is for all. With a significant advantage of affordable holiday, you can expect to Pattaya, Thailand.