Swim with the sharks at all rest in the Bahamas

You need to swim with the sharks on vacation in the Bahamas? While at the sight of the dorsal fin, which is close to you in the ocean, usually remain your skin crawl, see sharks in their environment under the waves, you realize how extraordinarily graceful these creatures and how they are suited to their environment. Several dozen divers in the Bahamas offer special shark dive for runaway (but actually in thousands of dives has never been a shark attack). Dive operators Unexso on Grand Bahama brings you fifty feet to the sandy bottom, accompanied by armed guards. Divers lining up on his knees, with his hands folded (as wandering hands resemble a fish, they need to be pressed to the body). Exits the feeder, armored in chainmail and trembling, like some kind of zombie; and sharks react immediately. Caribbean reefs from six to nine feet begin to circle the trough, waiting for food, sometimes eagerly nodding to them in the chest. Feeder grabs them and hugs – the scene is actually quite fragile.

shark diving to Walker's Cay, next to the beach resorts to inclusive Abakavyh islands gives you sharkalogii education with immersion. Sharks are going on three fins arranged symmetrically at 120 ° around their bodies. Sharks & # 39; teeth on the conveyor new teeth are rolled out, the old break. Sharks & # 39; uterine bags contain hundreds of eggs, many of which do not develop, so those who eat the immature eggs, are still in the womb. Also, sharks are intelligent, demonstrating communication skills with other sharks and non-volatile memory (for example, to remember after six months, which is the color buttons, they must be nose to get food).

At Walker Kai divers descend first, then frozen chips in a bucket attached at the bottom. Hundreds of blacks, nurses and Caribbean reef sharks. Cruises warned to stay out of the competition area (within 15 feet of the food), but the irrepressible free to swim among the sharks somewhere else, even touching them (Sharks do not experience the mind – although there is scope and nuance hands like a fish). On the cheap diving inclusive that I have witnessed how the manger gave sharks fish and play with them, when one of the sharks was hit by a mask. He quickly lowered his feeding tube and again tucked mask air and southern tail grabbed the opportunity to take advantage of its enormous suction power to suppress food.

Suddenly, near the feeders with & # 39 appeared stray fins, which have been able to restore calm. Then one of the big sharks left the main pack and directly to me. He moved with the lazy innuendo in the body, hovering like a spaceship, incredibly graceful, when I tried to hide his anxiety. The slow movement of the eight-meter shark was held a few inches from my head, sharp snout, a devilish smile, pectoral fins – and then, to my great relief, slowly switching tail. That's how I found out that the skin can crawl and under the water.